Modern Slavery Statement

Our Commitment

Learn Studios Abolish Slavery

At Learn Studios, we are dedicated to treating all people with due respect and facilitating workspaces and relationships that are safe, ethical and transparent. We strive to not pursue relationships that facilitate, endorse or encourage modern slavery practices, whether directly or indirectly.

Learn Studios is committed to:

  • Operating its business in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth)
  • Ensuring our people understand modern slavery and the risk it presents to our operations
  • Providing our people with appropriate avenues for reporting potential instances of modern slavery within our operations, or the operations of our suppliers and/or clients
  • Mitigating modern slavery risk within our operations
  • Eliminating potential and/or actual modern slavery practices from our operations and supply chain
  • Utilising the due diligence completed to date to facilitate effective action plans and ‘next steps’ in the pursuit of modern slavery risk mitigation and elimination using a proactive approach
  • Ensuring appropriate transparency with our people, clients, suppliers and stakeholders regarding the maturity of our modern slavery due diligence process and the findings arising from this
  • Enhancing our plan for measuring the effectiveness of our existing modern slavery risk framework.

The actions taken to further mature our response to modern slavery risk management in the 2021 Modern Slavery Statement include, but are not limited to, an enhanced and automated supplier due diligence process supported by a third party, further enhancements to contractual terms with our suppliers and clients to set out modern slavery obligations and expectations, and a shift from a reactive to a more proactive approach to modern slavery risk management.

Learn Studios 2022 Modern Slavery Statement addresses the mandatory criteria outlined in the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). Should you require further information outside of what is disclosed in our Modern Slavery Statement feel free to contact us.