eLearning Development Services

We specialise in eLearning development. Our range of services reflect our diverse skill set that can be deployed to bring your eLearning project to life. Be that a simple course conversion, a multi-media eLearning course development project, or an eCommerce deployment of online learning products.

eLearning Development

The development of engaging and interactive eLearning experiences is the core of our business. We offer deep exertise in a range of eLearning authoring tools, video & audio production and editing, as well as course publishing, marketing and distribution.

Instructional Design

Instructional design is the process of identifying the objectives or key learning outcomes for a particular learning experience, and designing a learning experience to deliver on those key learning outcomes. A detailed understanding of the training context including the prior knowledge and access to technology of the target audience are fundamental to effective instructional design.

Workshop Facilitation

Workshops can be an important input to the Instructional Design process for more complex projects, particularly in corporate or public institution settings. Obtaining the input and buy-in of subject matter experts and key stakeholders in the development of a course design and content is key to ultimate success.

Video Production

The incorporation of video content into an eLearning experience can significantly improve engagement and interest. LearnStudios can work with you to cost-effectively create video content that will enhance the richness of your eLearning projects.


Animation can provide an interesting content feature in an eLearning experience and can be used to illustrate learning scenarios and take-aways.

Technical Drawing

Effective visual illustrations and animations are vital to the creation of rich engaging learning experiences. Particularly for more technical course content, it is vital to engage a team that are technically minded and experienced in using visual diagrams and drawings to convey a learning message. LearnStudios have extensive experience in the development and publishing of technical courses, particularly in the healthcare industry.

Graphic Design

A professional design theme and user interface that is congruent with the learning message and the customer's brand are fundamental to the eLearning development process. As learners step through an eLearning experience, effective graphic design must ensure a clear, logical and engaging experience that is device responsive and appropriate to the learning outcome.


Where appropriate incorporation of gamification, or the application of an activity with an objective or competitive element, can enhance engagement in a learning topic.

Virtual Training Upskilling

We can work with your organisation and team to enhance the quality of virtual training experiences you deliver. Our team includes expert online training facilitators that work with you and your trainers and facilitators to ensure you are making the most of the available technology and to dramatically improve your online training outcomes.

Digital Marketing

If you are seeking assistance in the promotion of your eLearning courses or website, the LearnStudios team has extensive experience in digital marketing through a range of channels including paid search, display, social media, email and affiliate marketing.

App Development

In support of your eLearning goals, a custom app, be that a web app or iOS or Android app may provide the ideal platform for distribution of your products. We can work with you to design and develop an app that meets your needs and budget.

Website Development

If a new website is needed to support the publication and distribution of your eLearning courses or business offering. LearnStudios has extensive experience in the design and development of websites utilising a number of content management systems and deployment technologies.